The Sea Inside; sea sponges, and lunar phasing for your Moon Cycle.

There are many methods of comfort for a woman’s Moon Cycle. Research a bit on the chemical, horrid, infesting ingredients that are contained in common brand manufactured tampons and you’ll immediately understand it’s important to make an educated decision on what method suits your individual needs and understand the importance of going all-natural.

The most popular brand of tampons being O.B. for fit and comfort, are made by an affiliate of Johnson & Johnson, and J&J also tests on animals. These following ingredients make for over-absorbency, fragrance and whiteness.

Rayon , Cotton Fiber , Polyester/Polyethylene Cover , Polypropylene , Cotton , Polyester String
The use of tampons is associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome, a rare but deadly condition. The exact causes are uncertain, but it is believed that because rayon is so absorbent it dries out the insides… The dioxins from the bleach used in most tampons may also be a factor, as the …presents a very quick route in to the bloodstream.

Some companies don’t give second thought to where they buy their cotton. It’s often filled with harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and/or herbicides. With exposure to more chemicals that promote physical maturity, woman are beginning to start their cycles earlier and earlier- as early as eight or nine. That’s a very long time to be putting such harmful chemicals and ingredients in your body, not to mention the waste it produces or the landfills that get filled up. Landfills of Blood.


Wth are sea sponges?
Wth are sea sponges?

SEA SPONGES or Sea Pearls are beautiful: rumored to have been used by Cleopatra herself and simple, reusable and ecologically sound. As sponges they were once alive in the ocean and ruled by the moon – and a lady’s menstrual patterns are of course, lunar. Sea sponges don’t fill up landfills, have grown naturally, and inexpensive. It’s the intelligent method.


_EGP0426DeerWomen likes Jade&Pearl, a friendly, all-women company that has been selling products since 1974. If you order their Sea Pearls on-line, they will come with plenty of information and a pretty biodegradable package. Their website is informative, useful and sells many products that are nature based and inspired at reasonable prices.


For the worrisome, it may be useful to keep a few organic tampons around. Organic tampons are all-cotton, with no chemicals or bleaches and can be found in the local bio-shop. This is most relieving and improves quality of life. It is also quite useful to sew a small red or black satin ribbon to the edge of a sea sponge.

Selene Lunar Deity
Selene Lunar Deity

Previously published on May 5th, 2009 by Jessica Christine


DeerWomen seeks Francesca Lia Block. An Interview. (April 8th, 2009)

DeerWomen seek Francesca Lia Block.  An Interview.


(Originally published April 8th, 2009 by Jessica Christine)

Francesca Lia Block is an author who spins tales with such intricate webs, you easily tangle yourself in their beautiful lines. Caught in emotions after pressing the pages closed, her books make you wake up still thinking of the words and images days after.

Listen to French music and cry for the death of your 15 year-old self when smelling your lovers sheets was all you wanted to do, hmmm, curl up and imagine you were them. When love was a bitter war with yourself and you messed everything up by just being so beautiful, insane and delusional that you block your own progression.

Francesca is a native Californian, and those palm trees sprout in most all of her books. It’s reality and a waking dream, California. Francesca has reinvented the name California with pseudo names; Shangri-LA, Quakeland and Hell-A. Describing her as a “Jasmine-scented, jacaranda-purple, neon sparked city“, a city that is “supposed to fall into the sea at any moment” and “a hemispheric light that gilds your skin like gold-leaf foil”.

Francesca has a basket full of new books arriving shortly. These include tales of vampires, photographs, Internet dating and mythological archetypes. Thus, we bring you an interview with FLB, our beloved LA goddess and honorary DeerWoman.

Centaurs and DeerWomen just seem to go together naturally.

What can readers expect when opening Wood Nymph Meets Centaur: A Mythological Dating Guide?


It’s a system of classifying different personality types using mythology, folklore and fairy tales. There are twelve male types and twelve female types. After identifying your type you can read about all the types in detail and then find your best romantic match. There are beautiful illustrations by Fumi Nakamura.


Our Hands Will Eventually Destroy Everything Beautiful by F U M I . M I N I . N A K A M U R A
Our Hands Will Eventually Destroy Everything Beautiful by F U M I . M I N I . N A K A M U R A


What can readers expect from Pretty Dead, your upcoming Vampire novel? Is it going to be in the same vein as Twilight?

6249838I saw the movie but haven’t read any of the Twilight books. Pretty Dead is about Charlotte, a ninety-nine year old vampire in the body of a seventeen year old girl.

Charlotte becomes close to her best friend Emily’s boyfriend, a beautiful “black sheep” named Jared. As their relationship grows, Charlotte must confront her terrifying past, embodied in the person of her maker William Stone Eliot who has come looking for her.

Who is your favourite character you’ve created. Why? Which character encompasses you the most?

I’ll say Weetzie because she opened the door and got it all started. I’m most like Echo and I used to be more like Witch Baby.

Would you consider yourself Jungian or Freudian? You have a deep connection with dreams, symbolism, mythology, fairy tales, and imagination.

Jungian all the way.

What is your totem animal?


Are you a drifter by nature? Do you like to travel or are you more home-bound to LA?

Home bound. My friends on the hip east side joke that I won’t leave my suburban Culver city.

California is notorious for it’s materialism, fake and bake bottled blonds, silicone menus and personality crises. Describe “beauty”?

Compassion that radiates out of someone’s eyes.

Who has been the great love of your life?

I’m still looking but maybe he lives on the east side.

Beauty secret or recipe for women?

Sleep, yoga, inversions, good water, organic vegan or vegetarian or low animal product diet, cut out sugar, kiss a lot.

What is the most valuable lesson in life you’ve learned?

That most of my reactions to things come from my past and that most of other people’s reactions to things come from their past so don’t take stuff personally.

Personal Motto?




Yule with Warm Wijn from Belgica

154332_10150119104387457_7454384_nSimmering Glue Wijn

It’s not exactly Winter here in Southern California. (Or in places like Australia, but you still may be going into your hibernation.) While waiting for Springtime and it’s wonderful, fresh aliveness with blooms and all things bright, colourful and dreamy, -coming out of Winter hibernation is sometimes difficult and often a bit gloomy for some DeerWomen. I thought this recipe may help soothe spirits on a chilly night. It’s something I treasured while living in Belgica. Say Welcome to Father Winter with a glass of warm spiced winter wijn.


Often called Glühwein (German for “glow wine”), mulled wine, vin brulé, vin fiert, glögg and vin chaud (French for “burnt wine”). This is a common marketplace wine during the Holiday Season and Christmas. Traditionally people found a use for their “cheap” or bad wine with honey, herbs and spices.



Hundreds of recipes exist, each country has their own way of making it and specialty ingredients native to their lands added in. This is mostly the Belgian way, with commonplace household ingredients. Recipe is left rather open to interpretation as you can alter and experiment with ingredients. Add rum, cherry brandy, Amaeretto or more spices, honey to taste.


red wine
cinnamon sticks
vanilla pods
whole cloves
1 orange
1 apple
1 tablespoon of honey per glass
Slice oranges and stab flesh with whole cloves. Combine wine, figs, apple, orange, cinnamon, and cloves in a large saucepan and bring to a simmer over high heat for 10-20 minutes. Do not boil or alcohol will evaporate. Stir often allowing ingredients to melt in.

Serve with gingerbread and drink during a Spring rain or cold chilly night before Summer. Salut!

Dario Argento, splatter at it’s finest (April 7th, 2009)

Originally posted April 7th, 2009 by Jessica Christine


Dario Argento

When I watch a horror film, I want to be naturally horrified. Gothic imagery, pretty details and dark cynical scripts. Blood on checkered walls, labyrinths and woman who can control and communicate with insects for her revenge. Entrails and guts made out of spaghetti that make me ravenous for Italian food to go along with the movie.

Dario Argento brings all of this to the screen and more. Off screen, his personal life is a bit raw and creepy as well. Most of his films star his very own daughter, Asia Argento, the bloody and ravishing. His all-seeing eye behind the lens while she is screaming bloody murder as they chop off her fingers or is engaged in erotic love scenes adds controversial goosebumps.



Phenomena stars the stunning, young Jennifer Connelly with her fantastic animal-like, moonlit eyes and introduces her telepathic ability to communicate with insects. She attends a Swiss boarding school and learns of her abilities with a wheelchair bound scientist turned friend. It is a haunting, beautiful story of strange love, science and loneliness brimming with eccentric characters including a chimp and a detailed story-line. Phenomena is a masterpiece in horror.

“Phenomena was inspired by something I heard about insects being used to solve crimes, and because insects have always fascinated me I began to make a story around this idea. You know, it’s a terrible thing, but there are many insects that are disappearing. Becoming extinct. But most people only want to kill them. You know, insects have souls, too; they’re telepathic… amazing. People want to save the whales and dolphins, but nobody wants to save the insects. I’m a vegetarian, because I don’t want to kill things to eat.” -Dario Argento, who often cites Phenomena as being his favourite film.

Dario Argento’s newest movie, Mother of Tears, gives the beautiful imagery and original death scenes as per usual. However, his endings often are lackluster and a quick finish to all the build up throughout the beginning. Mother of Tears was no exception. Droll, quick and leaving this dubbed as a WTF ending. Despite his WTF endings, I shall still watch everything he creates with a glass of Porto and a plate of linguine, as he never fails to pull the sickness from the flesh to screen.

Mother of Tears is the third in the trilogy of The Three Mothers, Le Tre madri in Italian. Susperia, Inferno, and Mother of Tears. Because reviews for Mother of Tears are less than enticing and admittedly it is the worst film of the three, here is the preview for Susperia. All three films together are worth watching.

The Three Mothers:


Mater Suspiriorum, the Mother of Sighs aka The Black Queen.
Mater Tenebrarum, the Mother of Darkness/Shadows.
Mater Lachrimarum, the Mother of Tears.

Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth (okay, with Daemonia), performs a most powerful song on the soundtrack!

Claudio Simonetti

Anything Claudio Simonetti works on is glorious. From his electronic score in Dawn of the Dead to Goblin, he is a true creative genius.

What a perfect combination and these combinations , especially Dani and Dario should have gotten together long ago, it’s quite an impressive match. Please have more babies.


Elderflower Drinks for Winter (previously published ’09)

Tea samles

March 10th, 2009 by Grace Long, with photographs by Jessica Christine

The scent of elderflower is very similar to honeysuckle. Delicate white or cream coloured petals and beautiful, pinnate leaves.

  • To purchase elderflower syrup, visit a Dean & Deluca’s or Ikea.
  • To make it, collect the flowers from mid spring to mid summer, away from pollution and transportation routes.  Clean them to rid leaves, dirt, insects.  Get about fourteen fresh lemons.  11 pounds of sugar (5 kilos) with 102 fl oz/ .78 gallons (3 liters) for sweetness and preservation.  Heat to dissolve the sugar, meanwhile grate the lemons, avoid the pith (soft part of the peel), then add the lemon peel into the sugar water syrup.  Squeeze the lemon to release the pulp and juice into the mixture.   Stir very well to combine the ingredients and lift thickness from the bottom of your pan.  Cover the syrup for 3-4 days without disturbing it in any way.  Remove the elderberry heads from the syrup.  Sterilize your bottles by heating them in the oven, without cracking them, for ten minutes.   Decant syrup into the bottles with a sift/sieve and store them in a dark, cool place.

Elderflower Soda

1 ounce Elderberry Flower Syrup
1 cup sparkling water (plain)
Lots of ice

Fill a glass or pitcher to the rim with ice before serving.  1 ounce syrup to 1 cup sparkling water.  For a pitcher, use 6 ounces of syrup and six cups of sparkling water.  Stir well before enjoying.  Adjust syrup to taste with a small portion of syrup at a time.  It is very potent.

For a sore throat, add some to hot water as a tea.  It also works well as a decongestant.

Elderflower champagne

(makes 25 litres)


  • 50 elderflower heads
  • 3 2lb bags of caster sugar
  • 11 tablespoons of white wine vinegar
  • 25 litres of cold water
  • 11 large lemons

Pick the elderflower when fully out and shake to remove insects.  Place the flowers in a cloth bag, seal it and put it into the water with the sugar, vinegar, juice and zest from the lemons.   Mix well, cover and stand for 72 hours. Bottle in plastic or glass and release the pressure by opening the bottle once every couple of days for two weeks.  Store in a cool place.

Anna Calvi – STRANGE WEATHER (music review)


Anna Calvi is this hidden gem in the darkest volcano bliss. She is in the soundtrack to your favourite novel (think Nymph by Francesca Lia Block or Beauty’s Release by Anne Rice), the voice of pure molten lava and golden silk in the shower that you try to emulate. Anna Calvi’s sound shudders down the spinal cord with her vocal range and just allows the thoughts to melt into passionate feelings.

She does a breathy, haunting cover of a Connan Mockasin song (the deepest stalker/huntress/hunter song in the streets of Paris with a trench coat on), an etheral melody duet with David Byrne entitled  Strange Weather.

The title is thee absolute perfect title for this album, as isn’t all music that strikes us deep in the chest and plucks our heartstrings a strange kind of of electric thunderstorm in our hearts? Those violins stream through the blood, those piano chords tingle the nerves,  that drumbeat commands the beat of the heart…

Take a listen to this album in your bed, with a warm chai tea in a lover’s oversized sweater and really. listen. to. it. Each lyric licking down hurtful memories, driving a new powerful energy into the soul and healing everything that came before. From her cover of Papi Pacify to covering David Bowie, this is a moody album of purity and enchanting genius for the DeerWomen.