“There is no exquisite beauty,” says Bacon, Lord Verulam, speaking truly of all the forms and genera of beauty, “without some strangeness in the proportion.”


Protection in Rosey Hues – the Kubaton in pink!

DeerWomen supports the martial art forms and weapon training in all forms, especially for women. The most important thing is awareness.
DeerWomen encourages women to find the beauty in the art of protection. Pictured is a #Kubaton in pink, with a glass-breaker in case of need. Easy access to keys in a cluttered purse, as well. Always have your keys on hand ready on your way to your auto.

Collab with MiamiStickfighter (via Instagram).
You can carry non-lethal self-defense tools like this on your keychain – for practical use when needed, but also as a frequent self-reminder to be alert and vigilant. This particular tool is a keychain called a Kubotan – it’s actually named after the person who developed it, Takayuki Kubota. Not only can it be used for the self-defense purposes I mention in the photo, but pointed or metal varieties can additionally be used for breaking glass in other sorts of emergency situations, like escaping a vehicle that is submerged in water or accessing a fire extinguisher or alarm. And if you do decide to carry a tool like this, training in the street weapon-focused disciplines of the Filipino Martial Arts would prepare you to use it very effectively if you ever needed it.¬†


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Nature. Vitality. Wild Beauty.


Natural beauty remedies inspired by ancient traditions, natura and the wild women in the modern age. Created in 2009 as an online¬†magazine, DeerWomen is about reconnecting to nature in the modern world through natural, handcrafted cosmetics, tea blends and concoctions. Interviews with authors, movie reviews and articles written from the perspective of women living on all corners of the earth created an international audience. A move back to the United States put DeerWomen on hiatus for a while. It’s time to come back and start a movement!


Until fairly recently, women relied on their own ingenuity to concoct, produce and blend their cosmetics. They used natural herbs from the fields, garden flowers, barks and roots, fruits, berries and even clays and mud from the earth as beauty aids. Unfortunately, as the world becomes ore cluttered, noisy and further retreats from tge natural and becomes a place for “modern city-dwellers”, women have to find their way again to their roots, escape the madness, rat-race and find the fresh air and loveliness of the tangled forests, animal & gardens in the world. DeerWomen is meant to explore the art and knowledge of wildcrafted herbs, roots, scents, healing balms, etc. All while giving readers an intelligent, international and informed POV. Articles and product collections for women of strong character.

Check out interviews with Russian ballerina Maria Kotchetkova, author Francesca Lia Block, Poetry and spoken word from Segovia Amil, healthy rituals from Cleopatra and more coming soon…